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Quartz Marketing for Vision Therapists

Vision Exam

Quarterly Newsletters

Looking for more referrals from medical experts in your area? Sending out quarterly newsletters is one of the best way to make it happen. Send out letters that educate, persuade, and charm.


Website Design

Your digital presence is only as good as your website. Not only does your website lend you authority, but having a website with good SEO passively brings you great business. As SEO experts, we’ll build you a beautiful website that establishes both your physical and digital presence.


Social Media

Where does your audience hang out? Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter... etc! When your audience is merely exposed to something over and over, they tend to like it more. While this principle does have limitations and a ceiling, its application can be seen in everyday life. Social media can also promote brand awareness and personality.


Your patients probably don’t remember everything you say to them. Sometimes educating about a specific service you offer is done best with printed materials that can be taken home, read, and thought about. Our aesthetic brochures will multiply your time and your effectiveness.

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